Drivers Are Entitled To Consult Attorneys


Every year, tourists enjoy exploring the city of Los Angeles. If you have just shifted to Los Angeles and if you are thinking of driving in Los Angeles, you should get to know some of the basic driving rules to help you move around in this city.

  • By now you should have noticed that traffic here keeps to the right. Each state in the United States sets its own traffic laws, but most of the laws are similar throughout the country.
  • 16 is the minimum driving age in California and drivers must have a valid United States or international driver’s license.
  • Traffic rules and speed limits are strictly enforced. Where there is no posted signs, the maximum speed on city streets is 25 miles per hour and on the freeways, it is 65 miles per hour. The speeding tickets attorney California will decide whether to dismiss or reduce any speeding tickets.
  • All private vehicles are required to use the seat belts.
  • Be careful to give way to pedestrians because they have the right of way at any intersection. Crosswalks are considered to be present with or without painted lines. Pedestrians may legally cross at these unmarked intersections, unless a sign prohibits the crossing. If you happened to receive any traffic tickets concerning pedestrians ruling, you will need to consult a California traffic ticket attorney.
  • Anyone found driving under the influence (dui) of alcohol or drugs will be arrested. California’s dui law prohibits a person from driving when they have a concentration of 0.08 percent or more alcohol in their blood.

If a driver is convicted of a dui, the driver’s license will be revoked, the car impounded and a jail time for the driver. A dui conviction stays on the driver’s driving record forever and it cannot be erased. If you are hit with a dui charge while driving in Los Angeles, you are entitle to protect your rights with a dui attorney Los Angeles.

You can’t afford to take a dui charge lightly because it is a very complicated matter. Your reputation and your freedom is at stake! Be aware of your rights. It is the first step in beating a dui conviction. Just because you have been charged with a dui, you are not automatically guilty of it. A dui lawyer will help you weigh the evidence against you, whether a strong case can be built to protect your good name. The dui attorney will first examine your case to see if your rights have been violated. There were cases where drivers were not fairly treated or were unfairly targeted.

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