Tips for Taking Great Maternity Photographic Shots


One of the happiest moments in a woman’s life is during the pregnancy period. The mere thought of nurturing a new life inside you is understandably exhilarating. It is, therefore, imperative that you keep track of these moments through maternity photography. Since the majority of women have never experienced studio photo shoot, it could be difficult for them to choose great photographers. Find out below some surefire tips that will help you direct someone to take great shots.

  • Perfect Timing

The most ideal time to take pregnancy photos is 6 to 10 weeks before your due date. This is because your belly will not only be big but also round and beautiful. It should also not be too large lest you start feeling too pregnant and not confident about your body.

  • Outdoor Photo Shoot

While studio can offer privacy, especially if you prefer nude or less clothing, outdoor photo shoots offer great backdrops that are hard to create indoors. The best moment for an outdoor photo shoot is just before sunset since it offers the most magical background. If you choose any other time of the day, you should stay clear of direct sunlight.

  • Home Photo Shoot

Your home is the most ideal location for a photo shoot, especially if you are looking to have some privacy, yet you do not want to be in a studio. For instance, your nursery or bedroom could be the best places to capture precious moments before having a baby. To avoid using the flash, these pictures should be taken in broad daylight.

  • Appropriate Dressing

Your choice of clothing should complement your belly and make you feel confident. You should not shy off from wearing tight clothes since they will accentuate your curves. Also avoid wearing clothing with plaids, heavy patterns, and checks. Ensure to go for clothes that are timeless and reflective of your personality. You can also opt for bare belly clothes or sheer curtains to be wrapped around your body; these will help to create an interesting look.

  • Keep it Simple

You must take into consideration what might be in the background of your photos. If these photos are being taken from the comfort of your home, stay clear of the clutter. Likewise, if you prefer outdoors, choose a wide aperture to keep all focus on yourself. Keep in mind that maternity pictures only need to capture the beauty of a pregnant mother, so try to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Include your Family

After taking a few individual pictures, ensure to involve your husband in a few portraits. Sometimes, these pictures are more precious to your significant other than those of your wedding. It is also recommended that you capture a few mother-child moments with the rest of your kids if you have any. Also, be sure to take some with your pets.

Do not wait until the ninth month of your pregnancy to have your maternity photos taken. This is because your baby may decide to make an early appearance. More importantly, go for professional photography to ensure that your special life moments are captured meticulously. It would also be a point plus for you if you have the pictures taken by someone you are comfortable with.


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