One of the home tasks that are hated includes ironing the clothes. Whether these are casual, party wear or out-going clothes, these all must be sleek and ironed. Space is also an issue nowadays and it is good to have a specific place for ironing. This is possible by having a separate ironing board. There are many types of ironing boards available. Some are recessed and others are surface mounted. There are others that are freestanding. Freestanding iron stations need space and hence are not much favorite. It is good to have an ironing board that is space saving.


Wall mounted ironing board is a space saving option for ironing board. It provides beauty & efficiency for making the ironing an easier process. These boards are also easy in use and can be installed between framing studs of a wall such that ironing station is never at sight but in the closed area. There are many designs that can be used for a wall mounted ironing board. One way is to get one right behind the door so that when it is closed it gets stick to the door`s backside and when need arises for use, it can be dropped down and used for ironing. Another way is to make a cabinet where space is also arranged for placing other accessories along with storage of ironing board, iron and spraying bottles etc.


Cabinet wall mounted ironing boards normally have shelves with space needed for placing ironing items from spraying bottles to starch. Ironing boards when lifted upwards closes the space and then cabinet can be closed. When dropped down board can be easily & comfortably used from either side whether left or right. These boards are easy to adjust in height for providing easy ironing experience. These in wall boards for ironing are kept secret in the plain sights. Such a wall mounted ironing board can be easily installed in the closets, laundry rooms, kitchen and living rooms. The best thing is that when a wall mounted cabinet ironing board is closed it does not look as there is any ironing board within it.

Another advantage is that wall mounted ironing board is always easily accessible as you know the exact location of the ironing board and all ironing accessories.


  • It must be heat resistant for storage of hot iron
  • It must be capable of height adjustment after it is installed
  • Resting space for iron must be at board`s rear end for convenient iron access
  • Shelves inside cabinet are good for accommodating larger plate irons
  • It must have hangings for being hinged on any side.
  • It should be installed between wall studs

So, what is the right place to get such wall mounted iron stand that has all above features? Iron-A-way is the most convenient place for buying such an iron stand that is wall mounted. They will make an ironing board after carefully considering the home structure and space available. Hire Iron-A-way today.

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