Why Hire a General Contractor in California?


For those who are planning to embark on a commercial project in California, knowing the local building requirements ensure a hassle-free process. So, hiring a state certified general services contractor could be an advantage. These statewide service providers can help property owners navigate through the different essential phases of the construction process. Moreover, they know the local industry challenges and opportunities, and can guide property owners in staying attuned to state and federal statutes. Below are just some of the other advantages of hiring a state licensed construction professional. 

Sees the Big Plan, Overall Goals

A commercial general contractor in California performs several essential tasks. High up on the list is the overall coordination for the building project. As a professional hired for a specific building job, they are involved in all phases, from pre-construction to project completion. They are also involved in collaborating with the architectural design team and property owner across all phases. 

Knows the State Permits and Licenses

The project steps include applying for the necessary permits and licenses to kick off the planned construction. Be it a building expansion, renovation, or for a new ground-up structure, the contractor should have a checklist of codes and permitting needs. A professional and experienced general contractor in California can take the guesswork out of the licensing and permit application involved in the construction process.

Works Within Owner’s Budget and Timeline

At the initial assessment, they can identify all of the resources needed to complete the project, from labor, materials to equipment. They work within the budget cap identified by the property owners, and negotiate when additional job requirements are identified. In some cases, depending on the parties involved, a project may be completed under a fast-track arrangement after considering resources, safety, and other factors. Basically, these professionals negotiate and work within the property owners’ budget and preferred completion schedule.

Has an Established Industry Network

As a state professional, they have a network of local trade groups, material suppliers, and subcontractors, who can be hired to perform specialized services. This means all aspects of the building plan are covered. From ensuring ADA facility compliance to integrating smart or green features, a local contractor knows who to work with in terms of supplemental contract services for a variety of commercial building jobs.

For those who are planning to build or expand their commercial property, 2018 has been forecasted to be a good year for the industry. Among the different sectors, the private office or commercial segment has been projected to grow as a market this year. Workforce expansion is also expected this year since labor and technical support would have to be provided for these projects. 

Completing a commercial construction project in California may require the assistance of a state-based professional. From large commercial, office, and retail spaces to small-scale projects, California licensed contractors should know the requisite paperwork and codes for building these types of jobs in the state. This places them at an advantage when navigating through the complexities of property development in California.


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