WLtoys Helicopter V977 RC Helicopter


Battery: 3.7V 450mAh 25C (Contains)

I’ve experience in RC airplanes and RC robot automobiles and today also in constructing RC helicopters wltoys v977, also I’ve got a great deal of helpful info to discuss with you, since I have observed two or three aquariums with motors and electric motors with a number of my buddies who’ve assembled some for their very own for pleasure. As I believe they’re not hard to build, I’d love to encourage RC fans to use their own RC building abilities and is a great deal of curiosity and imagination.

1 * Transmitter

Flight time: Around 5-7 minutes

Brushless outrunner (1106) engine

1 * Manual

1 * 3.7V 450mah 25C Battery

Flybarless CP WLtoys Helicopter, aerodynamically designed to Attain unparalleled stability

Regular (aka 6G) triggers 6-axis gyro, enables stable flight, appropriate for novices

Transmitter can change from Mode 1 to Mode 2, vise versa.

1 * USB Charger

1 * Placing Tool

Bundle weight: 1064g / 2.3pounds

All these are frequently with no components, and helis using IR controllers. That is it as soon as they break.

A true helicopter dynamically corrects the “pitch” (or just how much the blade cuts through the atmosphere) from the main rotor and uses this to control that way to fly. To fly forward, the blades adapt so the “back half” of the rotor disk generates more aerodynamic (higher pitch) compared to the front.

Recent improvements in manufacturing and battery have enabled toy manufacturers to create four station flyers cheaply by incorporating two side rotors (one on each side) into some 3-channel bird. Since it’s nowhere near a helicopter flight, this is a kludge.

Trying to bring a more sophisticated audience that would like a more realistic flight experience, a few manufacturers have scaled up the version dimension. The hobby grade birds have been 18-24 inches in length using a single rotor.  If you crash it you can hurt someone. People are able to reduce. Do not fly these inside unless it is a major space. They utilize 2.4 GHz radio controller, and so the scope is up to 80 feet.

USB charger two at a time

1 * Spare Part(Main Blades,Tail Rotor,Main Gear)

Transmitter has 3D aka Idle-Up change, Throttle Hold switch, big LCD, very low voltage warning. Hovering midpoint setting permits setting of this hovering point.

Bundle dimensions: 27 * 27 * 11cm / 10.6 * 10.6 * 4.3in

Weight: 48.5gram

Flying weight: 48.5gram; Flight period: 5-7 mins

3D Mode activates 3-axis gyro, empowers aerobatics such as springs, rolls inverted flight, funnels and tick-tocks

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